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Small Miracles

The weather is back to reasonable again. We're not in Colorado here but compared to the sauna/monsoons of the last week, it sure feels like it ! I will have to get out the scythe for the lawn, though !

And maybe all that moisture was what our tomato plants needed. There are cherry tomatoes on one plant, and the other tomato plant (which we had almost given up on) is still producing.

When I came home S1 was wearing this absolutely adorable print dress, and it was just something that K's friend brought today. O is out tonight so I fed the kids (which went pretty smoothly considering I had to make three different meals, sigh), then we went out for a treat, then we drove a little around the town. We were treated to a fabulous sunset-produced peach-salmon-light-blue gradient in the sky, with a few high clouds for accent. There's a park with a big hill; on the flat above it, they were about to show a movie outside (what it was, I couldn't tell) as we drove by. There's also a big slide built into the hill and it looks like they're almost done renovating it, which makes S0 very happy.
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