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Cheap Humor

I just acquired a D-Link Bluetooth USB doohickey so that I could connect my Macs wirelessly to my new phone for synching and modem use. It's not much more expensive than a proprietary cable, and Bluetooth-connectable printers and the like are in the pipeline. I've tried the first use, and it's great – plug the doohickey into a USB port, “pair” the phone from Bluetooth panel of System Preferences (you'll have to assign it a PIN), and then Address Book and iSync will notice the phone. The picture of the phone in iSync even looks just like the phone, and not a generic phone.

But that's not why you would read this far. You want the cheap humor. Well, since this stuff just works, there's no manual at all, which means quirks in what little supporting documentation there is become pretty apparent:

Now, this guy's name is no put-on. And besides, it's pronounced like “wong.” not that other way. Still, even then, I've never seen an “English” given name like this among Chinese speakers – usually you get names like Winston and Tony in Hong Kong, but this guy is from Taiwan, so I wonder if this is just a name he goes by and his Chinese given name sounds like “wonder.”

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