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Viewing Report

I. Sometimes it seems as if FoodTV has been repeating the same pre-Morimoto episodes of Iron Chef over and over, but on Saturday, we finally caught a new (to us) episode, Battle Onion. This was pretty exciting, as it pitted a “diner chef,” (albeit a French-trained one) against Iron Chef French (Sakai). As often happens, the challenger seemed to best Sakai in the comments (the beef hash earned the highest praise from the tough food critic), but Sakai won anyway. And since this was a relatively early episode, there was no point breakdown at the end.

II. While idly waiting for the Weather Channel local report to cycle around, I caught a cool video on MTV Español. (Normally we don't have that programmed in, but the cable company had just switched around the channels.) It was sort of like Flash Gordon, except Flash was more of a beautiful red-haired woman wearing something like that “slave girl” outfit that Carrie Fisher wore in Star Wars, and this outfit covered about 20% of the surface area that Leia's did. Of course the singer had a monkey mascot and her band looked like robot zombies. Funny enough, the music was OK guitar-based pop – so that's what happened to it when Britney and Bizkit were ruling the airwaves: it hightailed to Latin America !

So, the mystery woman was Natalia Oreiro, and I think the song was “Que digan lo que quiren.” Even from just this discography you can see she's quite the chameleon.

III. We rented a Hello Kitty video for S1. Here's her running commentary on the action:

Kitty ! [two minute interval]… Kitty ! [one minute interval]… Kitty ! [three minute interval]… &c.…
I hate to break this to all you Sanrio acolytes out there, but once you attach Hello Kitty to anything approaching a normal kid's cartoon context, the magic is lost. For one thing, HK can talk, and didn't people remember what it did to Tom and Jerry when they could talk ? The animated mouth is tiny, but it should just not be there !

IV. O and I watched Brotherhood of the Wolf on DVD – not bad, some good atmospherics like Hammer Horror, and cool action à la Hong Kong. Of course, being French, it had to be About Something, but still, not bad for your entertainment dollar.


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Aug. 5th, 2003 09:34 pm (UTC)
"the music was OK guitar-based pop – so that's what happened to it"

Right on! They have at least two rock en Español radio stations in San Diego, which were fun to listen to during our trip there.

You're right about Hello Kitty, too. There's a Zen quality about her that's lost.
Aug. 6th, 2003 06:16 am (UTC)
Le pacte des loupes
I saw "Brotherhood of the Wolf" when it first came out with 2 friends. We sat in the waaay back of the theater (which, for some reason, seems like sitting on your couch) and had a grand 'ole time watching that crazy movie.

It had about 5 possible endings.

It may be time to rent it as I no longer want to get the Hello Kitty video...
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