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Dinner Music

O is out with the girls tonight so it's just me and the kids. Dinner was courtesy of last night's eggplant (baigan bhartha) that O made, plus Kraft's finest macaroni and cheese for the kids. Amazingly enough, S0 has already asked me if he can take a bath.

On the auto front, K had trouble (again) with her car, so I said she could borrow the Neon until things get sorted out. Well, we haven't used the Neon in a while. Last time I tried to start it, I thought it was the battery at fault, but it's really the starter, as we tried to start it again on Monday. I know from experience that it often requires about three trips to the shop before a starter-related problem is really fixed, and the “check engine” light also was on (suspect: an oxygen level sensor that was also the cause of the light going on at the beginning of the year). So, I think we're just going to donate Dion the Neon to a local charity and take the tax deduction. It's been a good nine years !
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