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Today's Fashion Incident

On the subway back home today, I saw a woman wearing pink pants and a thin ribbed white sweater (both looking like they were made of polyester). Her hair had bangs in the front, and little bow the same colors as her pants, and a sort-of teased back/top [marm0t had the word], all very your mom in the new subdivision circa 1968. Oh yeah, and glasses with those cat's-eye lenses, of course. She was carrying an orange purse decorated with a wide yellow-orange accent, and applied on top of that was a picture of some guys who looked like they were in a sixties pop band. More of those guys were also applied on cover of her portable CD-player, which she had also colored (green and purple, I think). She had just come from a record store and was popping in her newly-purchased copy of Herb Alpert Classics Volume 1. I remember Herb, he of the swinging brass combo, he was a part of my dad's LP collection !

I don't know if she was reliving a young adulthood she never had or what. It was just so.

As an older woman stopped to give the young woman a complement on her bag, I had to smile. At the end of the line, two workers from the T did a double-take. I had to smile again.

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