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Requiem For a Water Heater

From: Reception
Date: Tue 7/29/2003 9:39 AM

After years of faithful service, the hot water heater is being replaced. Up until its very last moments, the heater came through for us with a dependability to which I wonder if we shall ever see again. Did we take for granted its unwavering ability to give us hot water? Perhaps, but so be it - it is a thankless job, and nary a complaint was heard through its years of heating - for that is what it means to be a hot water heater. Our piece of copper exemplified this, and were there a reward to be given for heroics and actions beyond what is expected (say something similar to the Bronze Star), surely our heater would deserve and indeed receive such an award. But please forgive me - I digress. There won't be any hot water for a few hours.
Tags: funny, reception, work
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