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How odd it was to have a Sunday with nowhere in particular to go. (I think all our other summer weekends are accounted for now.) We had a "dim-sum" lunch at the Yangtze River in Lexington, but it wasn't very dim-summy — no shu mai, or spareribs, for example; instead, there were things like fried taro cakes and scallion pancakes at the buffet. However, the kids really liked it — we've never seen S0 eat so much ! Even S1, who usually seems to subsist on little more than small amounts of milk, fruit, cookies, and air, dug in.

While O stayed home, looked after S1, and stained the kitchen window frame, I took S0 to see Rugrats Go Wild at the Capitol Theater (letter-images cribbed from here). It was OK for kiddie fare, albeit faster-paced and louder than anything I remember seeing at that age. But the kids still loved it. Rugrats has been running so long it's like a license for Nickelodeon to print money. S0 was jumping up and down in his seat during the funny parts and stuck his fingers in his ears during the scary parts. S0 remembered to bring along the “odorama” card along, but it didn't work very well, as only two of the sweeter smells came through.

The other thing that I noticed was how many punk-identified artists were involved in the movie — the Clash's “Should I Stay Or Go” on the soundtrack, Mark Mothersbaugh doing the incidental music (as he has always done for the series), Chrissie Hynde cast as the voice of a cloud leopard (good choice !), and Flea as the voice of the wild boy in the Thornberry family. It's like putting Motown on the soundtrack to appeal to baby boomers, except now it's us graying wavos getting the tailor-made pop cultural regurgitation.

After that, we popped next door to the Quebrada Bakery where S0 got a sugar cookie and I got an iced coffee. Gee, it's nice to live in a town with a viable Main Street ! On the way back, we stopped at the hardware store to get mineral spirits for washing paint brushes and a new screen door closes. Now, this place closes at 3 p.m. on Sundays, and as we arrived at 2:53, we were shown very helpful and prompt service. We stepped out the door at 2:58 and the staff followed on our heels.

Later in the afternoon, the kids played in the backyard. While we were out there I heard a cry that sounded like a sea gull, but actually belonged to a young Red-Tailed Hawk. (There is a nest in a tree on a very busy street near the Heights, and this bird is probably one of the young'uns.) It was a lot noisier than an adult, as if it were still amazed at its own ability to fly !

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