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What better content fodder than an in-depth discussion of one's own usericons ? (path: amatrixangelnetochka)

straighton straighton — This is from 1998 I think, probably taken just after S0 was born, with a black and white QuickCam. Mostly used for gently geeky subject matter, or, a “hey, I'm talkin' to you” tone. A tiny piece of this picture was used for making an X-Face for Usenet posts, back when I did that sort of thing.
spongebobspatula spongebobspatula —  SpongeBob is the avatar of enthusiasm that is ever so slightly off the tracks. He likes his job, but he knows it's not his life, and he always finds something in the people and things he encounters that he can like.
flamingcarrot flamingcarrot —  The first, if not only, comic book superhero to wear a button-down shirt1, the Flaming Carrot blazes his own trail of unsanity. I also admire his strange pull over the ladies. If SpongeBob's energy is slightly off the track, the Flaming Carrot's mania never was even close the track to begin with !

1Although how far up he manages to button it I've never figured out.
thisyearsmodel thisyearsmodel —  The cover of the Elvis' most finely honed album, This Year's Model, controlled yet coiled to attack. And yet Amazon, from where I cribbed this, had to scan it from a slightly wrinkled CD booklet, for shame ! Here we are living in paradise…
fig14 fig14 —  This is taken from the cover of the album Fig. 14 by Human Sexual Response, a Boston band that ran from the late 70s to the early 80s. It's hard to beleive that a band that took such risks as they did, combining edgy, socially insightful lyrics (dealing with sex a lot, yes) with sinewy post-punk arrangements and daring vocal arrangements, was actually the most popular band in town for a while, even getting daytime airplay on the local rock powerhouse, WBCN.

I like this image both for its associations with a great time in Boston music history and the oddball kind of flirtiness it suggests.

lostinspace lostinspace —  WARNING ! WARNING ! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON ! For people and technology gone horribly (and all too predictably) WRONG.
southparkself southparkself —  Not that I'm a huge South Park fan, but it's odd that the web page that generated this image manages to construct something so expressive with such simple elements. Of course, it's really your brain that's filling and assigning human qualities to these ovals and colors, but still, it's pretty neat. I forget exactly where the page was, but it was an LJ meme spreading last spring. Mostly used for childhood subject matter.
bobdobbs bobdobbs —  You'd pay to know what you REALLY think ! Ahh, human nature, so stupid and yet so clueless. And when it's not wallowing in CHEEPNIS, it's hoisting itself by its own petard of “intelligence.” Also used to hint at Conspiracy schemes and honor the exploits of such Subgenii as DEVO. Fnord.
rawpower rawpower —  Iggy (or, as the New York Times calls him, “Mr. Pop”), is rock and roll. The world's forgotten boy, the one that searches and destroys. And yet he croons as well as he screams and is capable of writing a song about being driven around a city that is absolutely captivating. So this is for full-on rockin' without checking out the brain. 'Coz I'm loose !
default (Default) —  In a few months, who knows what this is going to be2, but it will probably look something like yours truly. The current picture was taken by one of O's friends in December 2002, at O's employer's swanky holiday party.

2As it turns out, I generated this by leaching off the personal picture list page, which resolves all images to URLs that contain numeric IDs; these pictures never go away and the IDs will stay the same until, God forbid, buys the farm.</i>
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