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Local Bubblies

The New York Times has an interesting article on local sodas — funny, I didn't realize that Moxie was local to New England. I think birch beer is also a New England specialty as well.
Manhattan Special, founded by Ms. Passaro's great-grandmother in 1895 and still operating out of its original plant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, may not be familiar to people outside the New York metropolitan area. But generations of New Yorkers have grown up with it, and it remains a strong seller in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. It is one of a surprising number of older regional soda pop brands — including Moxie in New England, Cheerwine and Blenheim in the Carolinas, Vernors and Faygo in Detroit, Buffalo Rock in Alabama, Big Red in Texas, Ale-8-One in Kentucky, Apple Beer in Utah, Bubble Up on the West Coast, and Green River in the Midwest — that have limited distribution and no national profile but remain popular on their home turf.
There were two local soda companies near where I grew up: Clicquot Club, in Millis, and Miscoe Springs, in Mendon. I think that both companies would make deliveries (with returnable bottles); we bought Miscoe, which came in tall bottles [this link is categorical proof that you can find anything on the net] that proclaimed “33 % More !” and I loved to save the bottle caps. I think that eventually Clicquot Club was bought by Cott, and then the plant was closed. Miscoe faded away but was revived in late 1970s, but instead of delivery, you could buy their sodas in 16 oz. returnable bottles (perhaps they thought they could operate well after the recently adopted bottle bill), which I'd lug cases of back and forth from our house to the local liquor store. Other local (or non-global) brands I've tasted:
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