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+: I had to take the Beast into Watertown for service today, and on the way through Harvard Square I picked up the new Björk DVD Inside Björk for nine simoleans. That got me a free general admission ticket to see her at Suffolk Downs on August 31, so if you're interested, get while the getting is good. Hey, if it was good enough for the Beatles, I guess it's good enough for her, although it will be the Yeah Yeah Yeahs opening instead of the Remains. (And beetrix, I picked that new Essex Green CD. Thanks !)

-: So, this serendipitous score did withstand the fact that I was trapped on a Red Line car for twenty minutes just outside my stop, while I tried to ignore the mutterings of the crazy Walkman guy who thought the halt was due to the operator masturbating on the job, instead of the disabled train at Charles like they told us.

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