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It's Workin'

Wow, I was going to blurt out at O how Lance was nearly foiled (twice !) today's stage of the Tour, but she already knew when she came home from work. And she was already watching it tonight when I came up from the underground lair.

Meanwhile, on the gadget front, Cingular is rolling out GSM/GPRS in New England this week, which means niftier cellphones now and things like Hiptops later when EDGE is deployed later this year. We've been waiting for this so that O has a wider variety of phones to choose from. T-Mobile has had all this groovy stuff for a while, but it would cost at least $25/month more to switch to them, so once again inertia rules.

This weather is not workin' though. Really sticky and icky.
Tags: cingular, mobile phones, tour de france
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