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Crisp and Clear

What a great weekend for S1's birthday — temperatures just under 80, clear blue skies. It almost makes up for this “spring,” Anyway, the party was great fun; O made two kinds of empenadas (chicken, corn and potato), chipotle meatballs, and guacamole and pico de gallo. The red food coloring from the Elmo cake's frosting turned everybody's lips and tongue bright red, which was pretty amusing.

On Sunday we took a walk around the MIT campus; O's father had never done that before. We walked over the MIT Chapel, but were disappointed because there was no water in the small moat that is supposed to produce dancing light inside. However, we were treated to a show of three red-tailed hawks making sallies from the balconies of the nearby Ashdown graduate dormitory. They would cry out while making short direct flights into the trees, or longer soaring runs over the building and nearby field. Pretty neat !

Tags: hawks, weather
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