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The Book Of Leviathan

Leviathan was a comic strip that ran in the late 90's in the Independent On Sunday (a UK newspaper). I found a book collecting a lot of the strips in the Virgin Megastore earlier this year, and, as I'm already a big fan of Peter Blegvad's music, I have to say, so far, I'm impressed. It deals with all kinds of high-falutin' issues as part of the story of an infant, Levi[athan], but it's still plain old funny, and Blegvad's puns are relentless. There's a website which has some more material, and here's a good review.

Mr. Blegvad is responsible for one of my favorite albums, The Naked Shakespeare, which was produced by Andy Partridge. He was also in a cult band called Slapp Happy, whose songs have been covered by such household names as Mazzy Star, Bongwater, and the Pale Saints. Well, OK, maybe that is a special kind of household we're talking about here.

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