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Bouillabaisse Awaits the Peloton

S1 and I are sitting here watching the end of the Gap–Marseilles stage of the Tour de France. K had a late doctor's appointment, so we had to drop off S0 at day camp, get a drink at Starbuck's, and pick up a few things for her birthday party on Saturday. S1 charmed the staff and customers at the supermarket with ease.

The ferry boats (in the harbor of Marseilles) are sounding their horns to salute the riders. Yesterday's stage was pretty crazy at the end: the main threat to Armstrong, Beloki, wiped out on a hairpin turn with about about a kilometer to go (various video renditions available here); Beloki broke his femur (every biker's nightmare) and Armstrong actually managed to ride across the turn, dismount to walk his bike over a ditch, the catch up to finish with second place group. Wacky.

Watching the Tour live, a cute kid playing in the room, the windows are letting in the great weather. Life is good.

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