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There's a pretty nifty article in the Boston Globe</a> today about how Novartis, a large Swiss biotech/pharmaceutical company, is reusing the old Necco candy factory. Despite having to clean up the residue of a lot of old sugar at a cost of over $100 million, the building is still worth renovating because of the solidity of its construction. Also, they're going to keep the water tower on the roof that's painted liked a stack of Necco wafers. Anyway, there's nothing like heavy manufacturing (for example, hose-making or twine-spinning machines) to keep the construction robust and honest. The article mentions other candy-making in Cambridge, including the Tootsie Roll plant (still going strong) and the old Squirrel Nut building - I used to work near that one, and the Necco building as well.

There's a really great cartoon about Bertolt Brecht in the new Atlantic magazine, but unfortunately this is not online. It turns out that much if not all of Threepenny Opera was written by one of his (several simultaneous) lovers, and when the Germany's political tide turned to Naziism he swam right along with it.

We also went to Petco after dinner tonight to get Harold some proper betta food, since he wasn't too enthused with his current rations. We also bought bloodworms (actually dried mosquito larvæ) as a “treat” – mmm, mmm, good !

Off to watch today's Tour de France stage now – the US Postal Service team did a stellar job and won the team time trial today.

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