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I forgot to mention yesterday that S1, who's not even two yet, has apparently learned to separate a juice box from the pack, pop off the straw, remove the wrapper, and insert the straw into its little hole in the box. Nothing is safe !

Also, S0 has his first pet, a betta (fish) that lives in a cute SpongeBob pineapple fish-bowl. Let's see how this goes...

Yesterday was a Sunday like any other — well, maybe a little more productive for me than usual, having moved the lawn, trimmed the edges, cut off the top of a hedge that was getting too tall, and cleaned out a gutter near the deck. The part of the hedge that I cut off had a robin's nest in it, but it was abandoned, with two eggs that probably either failed to hatch or were raided about a month ago. The nest itself was a lot heavier than I thought a bird's nest would be.

It hasn't been a good year for birds in our yard, it seems. We had a few orioles in the backyard but it looks like either they decided not to nest in the big tree like they did last year, or there was yet another nesting failure. I also put up nifty bird bath from Schrodt Designs (a Christmas gift from O) a few weeks ago, but we haven't seen any birds take to it yet.

That afternoon we went over to R's for little cookout. It was nice seeing him after such a long time and he's got a great garden in the backyard.

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