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Well, after all that kvetching about not getting real summer weather, it's definitely here now. It hasn't rained in a while and the weather has ranged from gorgeous to clear to hotter and hazier.

Earlier this week O and I had a scrummy dinner in the front section of Sonsie on Newbury Street. You can do a lot of people-watching there. One of the more interesting people had a haircut in which front half was straight and black, and the back half was curly and red/blonde, with an incredibly clean demarcation between the two parts. When this woman was walking down the street it looked she was being followed closely by, or was closely following, someone else. It was kinda freaky, but intriguingly so. After dinner O bought a nifty pair of Paul Frank-designed Dr. Scholl's shoes with That Monkey on them.

We had pretty quiet 4th. We basically hung out in the back yard, sat with the kids in the pool, and hauled out the grill from the shed for the first time this year. In the evening we took a drive out to Kimball's in Carlisle for great heaps of ice cream.

It was very hot and hazy today. We took a little boat ride on the Charles; it was much cooler on the water when we started out but by the end (around 11:15 am) there was no escape, so we scurried back into the CambridgeSide mall for air-conditioned comfort. Fun fact from the tour: Kingsford Charcoal started out as Henry Ford's way of disposing of the wooden crates from the parts shipments that arrived at Ford assembly plants – he came up with the idea when touring the plant in Cambridge (near the BU Bridge). You learn something new every day…


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