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3 Alternative Americana Albums, All in W

Wide Open SpacesWobbly/People Like Us/Matmos — A live samplefest/mix of cowboy and country sounds, lots of fun and recommended for fans of Negativland and Tipsy. Limited edition on Tigerbeat6, so go get it, soundbois and soundgirls.

Being ThereWilco — It's funny, even if Wilco gets more conventially the farther back you go, they still sound like a pop band with their ears wide open to me. OK, even though it opens with “Misunderstood,” which has the noise and rhythmic touches that would be right at home on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, this one does sound a little more rootsy. But the real meat of this a number of great songs like “Lonely 1.”

World Without Tears — Lucinda Williams — Usually when the rockcritters start canonizing a perfomer, I run away (exhibit A: Van Morrison). But I finally heard “Righteously” driving up from Jersey (so she's cool enough for WFMU) and it was really loose and rhythmic and not at all like going to church. Plus, she wants her lover to play John Coltrane. The rest of the album is nicely ragged and wrapped in a fabulous guitar tone for her rawly honest songs. It's all punk rock to me, I dunno...

Apologies to Robert Christgau

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