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To-day's doings

Today we went to a birthday party for O's friends kids (twins), which was a lot of fun. There was Redbones BBQ to be et and a large, dragon-topped bouncing thing to bounce in. Some of the kids were jumping up and down like there was no tomorrow, but I tried it and it's tiring ! Ah, to have that much energy again. O's friends also rented a cotton candy machine but I've yet to meet anybody who really likes cotton candy.

After that good time, we stopped off to get more sand for the sandbox (which is being attacked by weeds and rice plants), and ingredient for S0's birthday cake – his party is next week.

We were too bushed to cook, so we ordered out from the pizza place, but before we picked up the order, we went to vote (yes) on the town's tax override, to avoid deep cuts in school spending.

Although there were a lot more "yes" than "no" signs being carried, and on people's lawns, I think it's going to be a pretty close vote (certainly within 60-40). The problem is that people say they want lower taxes at the national level, but then the states have to still balance their budgets and execute unfunded mandates, and Massachusetts in turn had to cut local aid (supplements to the towns), and so the $300 federal tax cut that most people will be getting (if that) is being counterbalanced by the roughly $240 increase in property taxes that Arlington (and quite a few other towns) is going to be assessing. And so it goes…

And tonight, thankfully, S1 went to sleep without a hitch. Probably not taking a nap because of the party helped. It's funny, for the most part, neither of the kids have had any kind of sleep problems, but lately it's been hard for S1 to go to sleep – probably because bedtime is around 8, and, despite the grey weather we've been having, it's still pretty light out. At first she called for either mommy or daddy a little while after being put down, but on Thursday night it escalated into a one-hour screaming fest – yikes, that kid has lungs and a will ! S0 took it in stride, the trooper. And then the same thing happened last night. Hopefully those past two nights were just a blip.

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