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Not a bad weekend, considering the weather (again).

On Friday night I watched a cavalcade of local pop artistes (including half of Francine and 75% of the Pills) do their thing at the Milky Way in JP. There was some pretty good stuff despite the indifferent sound, incomplete lineups, and 60 db schmoozing noise floor.

On Saturday O and S0 saw Finding Nemo while S1 hung out and Barnes & Noble. We tried to see Nemo last week, but the first matinee was already sold out. B&N has these cool new listening kiosks where you can either scan a CD underneath, or search, and their claim to have samples from every in-print CD looks pretty solid. The reviews and artist links come from the All Music Guide, and the funny thing is that the layout is a lot like the web site, with the scroll bars on the screen replaced by a few scroll wheels around the screen. It works pretty well and makes you realize how ugly scroll bars look in the middle of web pages.

On Sunday, we did shopping for S0's upcoming birthday party (#5 !), and got a few more gardening supplies. The weather cleared up a little, so I mowed the lawn, and O made a great dinner of shrimp and chimichurri sauce, green rice, and black beans. Yum ! Also, we rejoiced in the coffee soft-serve ice cream that was once again available at Celebrity Pizza in Watertown. And that's the truth. (pllph)</style>


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Jun. 9th, 2003 09:00 pm (UTC)
the unrelenting tyranny of march
Nice subject line. Related anecdote: Went to home despot this weekend to buy a new patio door. Salesdude says "you really should have come in to order this at the end of winter."

I look at him for a minute, gesture helplessly, and say, "I did."
Jun. 9th, 2003 10:02 pm (UTC)
Re: the unrelenting tyranny of march
Thanks !

This is all getting a bit old. I'm seeing people on the T still wearing overcoats !
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