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Birds + Bees

Tonight's backyard action:


  • Our neighborhood ducks paid us another visit. They got pretty close, and S1 gave 'em a good chase. Where are the little ducklings though ?
  • Two male orioles on the same branch were singing at other, which probably means territorial competition. Although sometimes second year juveniles will help out their parents, so maybe the guys were just jammin'.
  • In a neighboring yard, a female robin was coyly pursuing male robin, who was promenading with his tail feathers up. The female got closer and then all of a sudden another male decided he wanted a piece of the action. Hmm.


  • A really big bumblebee was hanging around the swingset for some reason. Probably it was despondent of ever seeing enough flowers, given the cold, rainy weather we've been having.
Tags: bees, birds, ducks, luv, oriole, yard
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