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The kids had a good time with Mom yesterday. Since I wasn't driving in and wasn't going to be the first one home, I gave her all my keys, so they could back in the house and even use the car if they wanted to. (Which they did.) Actually, if I'm just taking the T to work, all I need is a house key. My key chain has two car keys (one with a remote lock control), various affinity cards, house keys, and even a bike lock key that I haven't used for ages.

After dinner, I stepped out the front door to bring in a stroller and found these guys:

This morning, I passed by a workman's van (we've got two level addition projects going on in the neighborhood), and noticed a 45 rpm single on the dashboard — by Jean Shepard ! The guy also showed me a picture sleeve single by Charley Pride. I considered asking him exactly why they were there, but I had a bus to catch.

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