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An old favorite of mine does something new

RItter Sport Weisse Schoko + Nestle Smarties
I've always liked Ritter Sport chocolate from Germany (it's cheap but good), and when my mother came back from Germany a little ago, she gave this us (well, OK, Sebastian) this new variety: white chocolate with Smarties in it ! (Smarties are the UK equivalent of M&M's). Although I am normally not a fan of white chocolate — I would rather mainline Lindt 70% Cacao — this stuff is interesting. And the package design is pretty cool ! I also like the Ritter Sport motto:

Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut

Putting a "kids" version of something inside another version of the same thing has been done before, as in Toscanini's "Ice Cream Sandwich" ice creams, which are your usual Hood-style ice cream sandwiches mixed into Toscanini's ice creams.

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