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Close 'n' Play it isn't

So, lately, I've been transferring various Tackhead-related things from vinyl — stuff that doesn't appear on the Power Inc. CDs, also the “Television” single from the Beatnigs (which was redone by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprosy). I think last night I somehow jammed the stylus (hello, Mr. Fumblefingers), and the photo output level went down. Strangely, the signal wasn't distorted after that. Still, more signal is better than less. (The Tackhead 12" singles are mastered really LOUD and clear, which is excellent for recording to the hard drive.) Since I hadn't ever replaced the phono cartridge since I bought the turntable, now more than fifteen years old, I figured it was time for a new one anyway. (The turntable is from Boston Acoustics and you have to flip a belt from wheel to another to change speeds.).

I started searching around on the web and became mildly disturbed when I saw this list. Sadly, I am forced to acknowledge that there are people out there who will spend $10,000 on a little thing that goes on the end of the record player arm.

Luckily, Grado is still in business and makes very good cartridges for under $100, although they cater to the insane end of the market as well, if you're into that sort of thing. This place seems to have good prices on them.

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