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Down the Cape and Back

We had to take Friday off , so we made virtue of necessity and decided to go to down Cape Cod. This is the first time I've stayed down the Cape in ages – when I was a kid, our family usually rented a house a week or two in Falmouth. Eventually the family vacations stopped and in the meantime the Cape has been more crowded than ever in the on-season. And O and I are definitely off-season people.

Friday, we drove down to Hyannis, and had lunch at Baxter's, which started off as a fish processing house, then a fish market — they've got a framed receipt from JFK for an order of fish ! Then we checked out the Zooquarium, a combination small zoo and aquarium, or as I like to put, the "whatchamacallit" of Cape Cod attractions. I think I recall visiting there a long time ago on one of those rare rainy day excursions we'd take from Falmouth. The kids liked it, and it was our second seal/sea lion demonstration in weeks (the prior one in Coney Island). After that, we visited the Cape Cod Potato Chip Company. I've started blankly into the back of their packages for so long that I almost didn't need directions. It's not really much of a tour — basically, you just walk down a hallway, read some signs, and watch what's happening on the factory floor. At the end of it, you can pick up free samples of their product (mmm). After checking into our charming motel, we had good Thai food at the evocatively named "Thai Food" restaurant. OK, it was called "Cape and Islands Thai Food," but the awning covered the first part !

On Saturday, we set out for Provincetown, and went into town after checking out the seashore. (We got a primo parking space, I might add, which is a small miracle there.) S0 is always noticing playgrounds as we drive around, so after we were done with that, we went back up to the west end of town and let the kids play for while. That evening we met S and T in Dennis for dinner, and the kids, who had been kind of cranky from their lingering colds, were on their best behavior, although I think the fact that they were both issued Travel Size Etch-a-Sketches helped, too. And this was a real restaurant and S's treat as well. We can still scarcely believe our luck.

We spent most of Sunday in Hyannis, having a nice breakfast at the Egg and I, walking along Main St., and taking a boat cruise in the harbor. At Plush and Plunder, a vintage clothing store, O found a neat handbag, while the kids played with a little girl who was shopping with her mother there.

On the way back, we stopped at the South Cove Center in Boston — I got a piece of lumber at Home Depot to replace a piece of wood that was rotting at the bottom of the deck latticework, while O shopped at the Super 88, and was happy to find "clear-eyed fish for cheap !"

This morning, we all went on in on the T together, since S0 had his checkup in Davis Square this time. It went well, and he was happy to tell me tonight that he wouldn't need another shot until he was twelve ! We are sure all happy about that.


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May. 20th, 2003 06:15 am (UTC)
you and your slant quotes... ;)

i ate at a place in ghent called 'sushi food', as just possibly the locals didn't understand what sushi was.
May. 20th, 2003 06:48 am (UTC)
Love me, love my slant quotes
S sez there are a lot of remedially-named restaurants on the Cape. Helps the tourists keep their bearings, I guess.
May. 21st, 2003 09:22 am (UTC)
my parents use to drag us down to falmouth for the mandatory summer vacation every year. except even they got bored of it and then we switched to ogunquit maine. and i remember one summer in booth bay harbor.

personally i hated it so much it made me shake from head to toe. don't like sun, sand, or salt water. i would have been perfectly happy to sit out there under a beach umbrella reading books, but they never would get me one (umbrella that is... i always had plenty of books thanks to the public library).

the nice thing about living in san francisco - a scant 15 minute drive from the pacific ocean - is that it's FREEZING cold at the beach, so we never want to go there.
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