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So, with the reports of better weather on Friday, I decided to pick up the Neon, which was still in New Jersey after we drove back the Montero. Since O doesn't drive, I walked over to Arlington Heights at 6:40 a.m. under cloudy skies, waited for the T bus, and off I was. I just made the 8:00 Greyhound, and by noon we were cruising down 5th Avenue in the sunshine, watching all the people in Central Park, which was in the full thrall of springtime foliage and flowers. It was lovely and I wish could have debarked there, but I had to wait for the PATH bus station, which is more like a mall than a den of iniquity now (unless you can't tell the difference anyway). Not having much of an agenda, I walked my way downtown and across to 5th Avenue to Washington Square (near NYU), grabbing lunch along the way. (That's about 35 blocks if you're keeping score.)

I paid a visit to Other Music, picked up a few discs, and also a free print copy of the Onion. Those New Yorkers are so lucky ! Then I walked down Mulberry and picked up a Total Turtle handbag for O at the Paul Frank store. (Anybody know where I can get that red shirt with tape recorder and amp in XL ?) Two street happening in the neighborhood; somebody was making a movie or the like, and two people in bird outfits raced down E. Houston (video posted). After that, I hoped the 6 train up to Hunter College, walked across Central Park (ending at the Dakota), then took the M10 bus back down to the PATH bus station. By six I was in scenic Kendall Park, NJ. I had a nice dinner with O's parents and started driving back around eight. A little more than eighteen hours after I started, I was back in Arlington Heights.

Sunday was spent mostly during errands, including helping O with gardening. Rocks are heavy. After dinner we rewarded ourselves with the first trip of the season to Kimball's ice cream. Even as the sun was setting the place was hopping.

Viddies posted, pictures to come.

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