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It goes to 11

Wow, what a quiet drive on the way in. O and I drove in since we're going out tonight to celebrate our 11th anniversary. The plan, such as it is, is to walk around the North End and wing it.

I also need to pick up the Neon, which is still in New Jersey. I was thinking of doing it next weekend, since the weather for Saturday was supposed to be rainy, but now it's clearing up. What I'd really like to do is take an early bus/train to Gotham, see what I can see, then get out to the wilds of central Jersey and stay the night at the in-laws, and head back. However, they're going to be at Babbo tomorrow night (our Christmas treat, actually !), so maybe I could meet them after dinner instead of taking a bus or NJ Transit out. Decisions, decisions.

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