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It's going to be a good Tuesday

New media bits:
  • Electric Version from the New Pornographers. That first album is amazing, shiny new power pop.
  • A DVD of Brakhage films from Criterion. Impress your fellow Film Comment subscribers ! (Pipe and tweed jacket and/or black turtleneck + German librarian glasses not included.)
  • Richard Thompson. Word is it's back to basics from the last man standing with an acoustic guitar.
  • A new EP from Broadcast, the group for Stereolab fans who are tired of Stereolab now. An album will follow in August.
  • A new album from Goldfrapp. Felt Mountain was one of my favorite records of 2000 (or 2001, for that matter).
Tags: broadcast, dvd, goldfrapp, media, music, new pornographers
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