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A. Schwab in Memphis

This is a picture I scanned with my new acquisition.

This is a part of the stock at the A. Schwab drugstore in Memphis, Tennessee (home of Elvis and site of my first Krispy Kreme experience). I was on the homeward leg of my 'round-the-country drive in September and October 1997 and had already visited Sun Studios and Graceland.

Calling A. Schwab a “drugstore” is a bit of an understatement; they've got housewares (where else can you find a dinner bell these days ?), clothes, toys, novelties, and, as you can see from the detail here, little voodoo trinkets (and vials of stuff) that are purported to help your fortunes in money and love, among other things. It's a rambling dimly-lit place of wood plank floors and various wings and steps up and down; if you've even been to Spags' in Worcester, another ramshackle emporium with seemingly everything in stock, it's like that, except with a serious mojo ya-ya boost.
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