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O was out with the girls tonight, so the kids and I whooped it up. After I came home I either watched them play or blowed bubbles for their amusement (very relaxing). During that time, a rabbit was making successively bolder sorties into our yard; just before we left, the neighbor's girls and S0 were getting very excited by this.

We went to our usual barbeque spot for dinner, and there was K, who was babysitting another girl. So she watched the kids while I got the food from the counter, and then left as we started in. As we were leaving, a woman, handling a little girl of her own by herself, complement me on how well-behaved the kids were.

And then we went in search of a free scoop of ice cream. Or rather, I did, since, for some odd reason, S0 wasn't in the mood. (!) Tonight, you see, was Baskin-Robbins Free Scoop Night, and around here, most B-Rs are housed in Dunkin' Donuts franchises, since both are part of the same parent company, Allied Domecq. Anyway, I remember that one DD had a Baskin-Robbins sign (the one between the Alewife rotaries, if you're local), but the sign had mysteriously disappeared – or was it ever there to begin with ? Then, I shot up route 2 (spotting a Great Blue Heron flying overhead as we left Cambridge) to Lexington, and the DD/B-R on 2A was indeed in operation, but the line was out the door, down the entrance walk, and onto the sidewalk. So we passed., and drove home

Then I gave the kids a bath, which was even easier than usual, as S1 is getting a lot more used to getting her hair washed, and they fell asleep rather quickly. Later, O came home and brought me some awesome chocolate truffles from Cuchi-Cuchi.



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