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State of the Yard

In two words, not good. The part bordering the street was choked with asphalt bits and sand from the many plowings that this winter brought on. Earlier in the year, when it seemed like we'd never see green again, we de-iced the walkway of flagstones with stuff that assured us that it was not harmful to vegetation, and now area defined by the path in winter has yellow, inert grass. Moving to the backyard, the bare area covering the new storm drain pipe that the town installed last November is miraculously sprouting grass, but the shrubs that were present and then replanted are yellowing, and another small tree fell over. Time to call up the town…

Also, O removed two little bushes near the deck that we aren't very fond of, and the pathetic thing is that both of them still had root balls that are shaped like plant containers. It's as if the things never really managed to "take" and grow into the surrounding soil.

I also moved a huge rock out a patch that O was clearing. If it's one thing we grow plentifully and easily in New England, it's rocks.

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