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Throwing Muses Last Hurrah

Well, not quite, but this is probably the last album and tour. I saw them last Thursday night at the Middle East downstairs, and it was good. I haven't listened to the new album enough to form an opinion, but they are definitely worth checking out live.

A Providence-based band called Fat Seville opened for them, and they were OK. It was kind of a pleasant-enough but not amazing indie rock, sort of mish-mosh of pre-grunge and post-grunge melodic stuff. The lead singer sounded a little like that guy from Placebo, and they had a female keyboardist/violinist (the new Lisa Germano !). I was actually warming up to them near the end, but, as with the Mission of Burma gig I went to last year, I cannot understand why so many of these newer bands seem to project so much less energy than some old bands whose members ought to be selling insurance by now.

I suppose I should also feel guilty in telling you that I rather enjoyed more the record that the DJ played after Fat Seville's set, which was kind of a laptop-tweaked synthpop-era New Order set of songs with interesting lyrics, not unlike something like the Future Bible Heroes but a little more glitchy. As it turns it, it was from a group called the Postal Service — just type some half-remembered lyrics into Google, and there you are !

Finally, the 1992-vintage Muses (Kristin Hersh, David Narcizo, Bernard Georges) took the stage at 10:30, and Kristin promptly took charge of the room like a woman possessed. She was very intense; she's a mother of four, and has a more womanly body to channel her presence than back when the Muses started in 1986 (??), and must be reckoned with. Musically, the Muses are a lot less spindly sounding now, as Hersh as decided that since 1992, their default operating mode would be on point, loud, and bright. Tanya Donelly came on for about half the songs, and to hear some of the unique interplay with Kristin (so sisterly) was gratifying and for me, at least, really recalled what was special about the early days of the Throwing Muses. I'm just glad I could experience it in the here and now one more time.

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