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Punch line to a bad joke from Fox Force Five

Now that the weather is warming up, the kids are finally getting out more. The sandbox toys are out and the S1 has been introduced to the joys of chasing and popping bubbles. Towards the end of the week, she wasn’t too keen on the concept of naps/sleep, but she’s catching up on that today. Bird-wise, there are lots of red-winged blackbirds and grackles around now, and there’s a pair of ducks hanging out in our neighbor’s backyard across the street. With the rain we’re getting right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if those ducks visited our backyard.

We still need to clean up the yard because it started snowing before I could rake all the leaves last year. Plus there’s still a big bare swath in the backyard from the sewer work that was done last year. O took out a bush from the side yard that didn’t look too good last year, and the thing barely had any roots to it. Yikes !

Yesterday my sister and my mother came over to see the kids. We went over to the playground at the Brackett School, which is near the top of a hill and has a big slide built into it, which S0 absolutely loves. There’s also a great view of Boston from the there, and the cloud movement was very dramatic when viewed from there. This was also S1’s first time at the playground and she had a great time. After that we had some takeout Chinese, then O came home from the sports bar (Maine lost, oh well).

I also replaced our broken DVD player; there was a good deal on a Pioneer DVD changer at Strawberries, a record chain, of all places. There’s a video arcade next to it in the mall and they were playing the Flaming Lips, of all things. I guess that’s a good omen ! Anyway, now armed with the necessary hardware, I undertook the massive task of watching the two discs of Fellowship of the Ring/Lord of the Rings DVD supplemental material over a few nights. Very impressive; it’s more like an exercise in world-building than movie-making.

BC vs. Cornell is going into second overtime…

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