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Thawing Out

Ahh, finally, a few days of above-freezing temperatures and at last spring is in sight. In honor of the change, on Saturday I got a haircut and switched to my "evil Bob" glasses. That night, while O was at the Hockey East game with S0, S1 and I went shopping at Newbury Comics and got the T. Rex Electric Warrior reissue, the Complete Jam DVD, and the new Audioslave for O. Strange link: Marc Bolan had his own pop show on TV, and the Jam were on it.

Even with the snow on the ground, S0 wanted to go outside on the swing set yesterday, so out we went. There was still so much snow on the ground that S0 had to keep his legs up to avoid hitting the snow. I pushed S1 in her swing-seat, and she could not stop exclaiming "Wheeeeee !"

Around four, I decided to do a little birdwatching at Mystic Lake, where two Red-throated Loons were reported. I went down the shore at the Medford Boat Club, and quickly spotted one of the loons near a pier on the lake, and my fellow birders pointed out one of the Bald Eagles. When the eagle decided to check out the situation on the ice, the loon made himself scarce and didn't venture back out until the eagle decided enough was enough and perched in its favorite tree near the dam. 'Twas ever thus. I also got a nice look at a Common Merganser, which had a very spiky crest, like this drawing here.

I also caught the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show on VH-1 last night, where Elvis Costello got his due. Bruce Thomas was there, didn't say much, but still I half-expected him to play on "(What's So Funny About) Peace, Love, and Understanding," which he didn't. (If the Police, who absolutely hated each other when they broke up, could do it, why not Bruce ?) Elton John was the presenter for Elvis, and really won me over when he saw a program about punk groups saying that old 70s guard were old farts, and he said "I think they had a point." (Has anybody else noticed that Sir Elton's been speaking his mind lately ?) Props to Elvis for name-checking Franz Schubert, too.

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