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Well, it’s been a while. I know “busy” is the default state of most people these days, but since I had to take yesterday off, I had to squeeze five days of honest work into four.

Today was fun, and we had decent weather on the weekend for a change. We got to the Museum of Science just after it opened, but the parking lot was already full up to the fourth floor. We spent most of our time in the kid-oriented “Discovery Zone,” where S0 really enjoy the pneumatic tube message system. In the main part of the museum, I visited the Mathematica exhibit, which was designed by Charles and Ray Eames (for IBM, I believe), and considering how old the exhibit is, it holds up very well and people really seem to enjoy it. And while it’s accessible like a lot of the newer exhibits, it’s a lot more information-rich.

So, after that, we had a tasty lunch at Korea Garden in Central Square. I think Korean food is great for cold weather, but the usual place we go to, Koreana, had a fire about a year ago, so we haven’t been able to enjoy that type of cuisine lately. Korea Garden is very homey and the kids ate quite a bit to our surprise — one factor that definitely helped was that one dish on the buffet featured baby corn, for our children harbor an inexplicable (but perfectly welcome) craving for. After that we strolled down to Toscanini’s to enjoy some ice cream. O also bought a pint of her elusive favorite, burnt caramel, to take home.

Tomorrow is supposed to be yet another rainy, cloudy day. Well, at least it’s not snow…

The UMaine Black Bears are still fading away; they lost twice to UMass/Amherst. O couldn’t beleive they were actually ranked second. Since they’re out of the running for the Hockey East championship but still in the NCAA tournament, they have a three week layoff.

Also, I need a haircut.

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