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Google: It Found Me

I used to work on Lotus Improv, which died before the Internet era. Well, I just got this in my work mail:
Greetings Robert,
Quantrix, a software company headquartered in Portland, Maine, is currently building a multidimensional financial modeling tool called Quantrix Modeler. This product is inspired by technologies pioneered in Lotus' Improv and Lighthouse Design's Quantrix products. The first version of this product will be released later this year.

Your contact information came up in a Google search looking for people that have used or shown interest in Improv or Quantrix in the past. [...]

I used to work on Lotus Improv and I think the team was the best I've ever worked with in terms of savvy, cohesion, and above all, fun. Improv was actually a research project at Lotus in the late 80s, bouncing around from platform to platform (DOS, OS/2 character mode, Mac) and finally emerged on the NeXT cube after Steve Jobs saw a prototype and wanted it bundled with the initial batch of cubes. Later it was ported to Windows, but Lotus just didn't know what to do with it without making things awkward for 1-2-3.

I still run into Improv folks (one works at Curl, downstairs from here). It was a pretty good time...

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