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Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon

S0 is off at a birthday party (for K’s nephew) so it’s been quiet here. O was listening to the UMaine/Merrimac game (the Black Bears won, which is a good thing because they lost to BC Friday night), and now she’s watching the Hockey East game of the week on TV. Meanwhile, I have been hanging around the rumpus room, tidying up, reading the Sunday paper, and just chilling out with S1 watching some music videos on DVD just chilling out. (It appears that “Bass Cadet” by Autechre is in the same key the S1’s Hello Kitty toy cellphone.)

Oh, and when K came to pick up S0, she found our camera, which we thought was lost. Yesterday, we set out to try the new sled that S0 got for Christmas, and when I went to grab it, it wasn’t there, and there was much wailing, gnashing of teeth, and general angst as we turned the house upside down looking for it. But now it’s back and all is well.

And about the sledding; S0 said he wasn’t going to like it (ha !). I tried the sled (which is really more of a fiberglass platform with handles) first and I have to admit, after going down the hill, that it was pretty fast. Of course, that was the first time I’d gone downhill at that speed in, oh, about 25 years or so. Also the first time I got good and snowy like that, at least on purpose. So O started him of about halfway up from a lower part of the hill’s ridge, and lo and behold, after coming to a stop in one piece, he jumped up and shouted “I loved it !” As I helped him up to go again (and again and), we started out from higher and higher places until we were at the top the hill. It actually is a pretty fast hill; the highest part puts you on a trajectory to moguls at the bottom of the hill, so people who did that would catch some air, as they say. Anyway, S0 definitely enjoyed it. There was only one kid with a classic sled; everybody else’s stuff was made of fiberglass or plastic.

And, in accordance with the latest upgrade in the terror warning level, we have stockpiled 300 diapers, 500 baby wipes, and six Diaper Genie refills.

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