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What I've Been Up To

Work has been busy, busy, busy, but hopefully all this hoo-ha is going to result in a finished product soon.

On Saturday, this hawk decided to hang out on our porch for about an hour or so. I think he (or she) has taken at least two birds in yard. Besides the incident I described before, I found an artful arrangement of blue-gray feathers in the snow next to our house. No other icky remains, but I think that might have happened elsewhere.

On Sunday, we braved the cold sloppy weather to go to Harvard Square for lunch at the Border Cafe, ice cream at Toscanini’s, and a little stop at the Harvard Book Store, which has the greatest remainders section ever. I got a little book of Walt Whitman’s poetry and a dictionary of classic mythology for less than ten bucks. Score ! And S0 picked out this one.

So, around 3:30 this morning, S1, who hadn’t got much sleep the night before, decided that it was a good time to party. We tried to get her to go back to sleep, but she kept on giggling and saying “happy happy happy.” Sigh. I just hope this night is a little more restful.

Oh yeah, UMaine beat UNH last night with six seconds to go in overtime. And ex-UMaine star Nikos Dimitrakos is playing in the AHL All-Star game tonight.

Next up on DVD: the rather odd Rex the Runt from Aardman.

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