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Other loose ends

We might be in the middle of a deep freeze, but O is scoping out places for our end-of-summer vacation. She looked north at first (New Hampshire, Maine, Quebec, Maritimes), but now it looks Maryland or Virgina might be in the cards. And yes, K is already planning to go to Burning Man again —she and her friends are thinking of hauling their stuff in a van this time....

P gave me the new Flaming Lips album for (belated) XMas — it sounds surprisingly direct compared to Soft Bulletin, which to my taste is a good thing. The beats are so up front that it's almost like synthpop in places...

Also, I was looking over the XTC fan site, and it looks like the Orchestre Fantastique project of Robert Schneider of Apples in Stereo will be out soon, which some songs co-written by Andy Partridge. This could be good.

Another good thing would be sleep. I've been slogging through bug verification for the last few hours, and, hey, it was fun to watch the lists shrink, but the rest will have to wait...

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