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Still Alive

Blame my job — you know, the thing that puts food on the table and enables my profligate lifestyle; we are in crunch mode. Not complaining really, it's just a fact of life. [Corporate] “We” are now part of a somewhat obscure company that used to be part of a holding company group along with Bally Shoes. Nope, there was never an employee discount...

Making the compilation CD was fun, and I think I can handle printing and sticking labels on the CDs themselves now. I think I want to do a more bouncy compilation next, and get more aggressive with the crossfades. In other doings in the underground lair, I bought a battery backup for the computer (and network stuff), since we get entirely too many power glitches in my area. It's a 500 VA model from APC that was a good deal at MicroCenter, and if you've got a desktop machine that's on most of the time, I would recommend getting one.

Tonight: Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse !

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