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Lawrence Wechsler writes about Decasia, a film constructed entirely out of snippets of decaying celluloid, images for which film preservation is too late. Here is a description of part of the film:
[...] a procession of camels making their slow way across a desert horizon. Nuns leading their young wards through a mission colonnade. A man rescued from drowning. A grown woman being dunked into a river for baptism. A crouching Central Asian man, spinning wool. A hand-driven Ferris wheel, somewhere in India. And a merry-go-round. A Luna Park rocket car exploding out of disintegrating chaos. A hag pointing a threatening finger at an appalled judge, and then turning back to us, metamorphosing into sheerest monstrosity. Lovers, melting into embraces that are themselves melting and coming undone. A baby emerging from a womb and then cradled in a tub of water (developing fluid?). A mine collapse; a shack gone up in flames. A young boxer, gamely jabbing at boiling nothingness. A lonely old man ambling through a mission plaza.
A video clip is also available with the article, and there are more at the film site.

Lawrence Wechsler also wrote Dr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder, a wonderful book about collections of relics, wunderkammern, and Museum of Jurassic Technology, among other things.

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