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So, we had a good time at the party last night; although we didn't go last year, it's become a bit of a routine, albeit a welcome one. The most welcome change was that they moved it from the Copley Marriott to the World Trade Center, which gave the place a much more open feel — the Marriott ballroom had low ceilings and not enough light, so it was always hard to find other people. An honorable party tradition is to "salvage" the centerpiece at your table if it's any good, and there was a cute snowman in a middle of a wreath this year, with some cool stars at the end of stalks, so we liberated him. Two years ago, it was a gingerbread girl that sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" on sound activation, and it still works. (And S0 loves it.)

The Seaport Hotel has a good breakfast buffet. We thought we were late because we got down there a little after 9, but then around 10 the restaurant was almost full. So this is how late the childless can get up !

The Fan Pier area development isn't going as fast as was planned back in the go-go 90s, but things are filling in: the new convention building is massive and Silver Line construction is almost finished. After a quick drive home we got back home; K had a great time with the kids. My mom came back around 12:30 to take S0 to lunch and a puppet show; while S1 napped I managed to do something I hadn't been to able to do for a while, which was to read most of the Sunday paper on Sunday. S0 had a great time but suffered heartbreak when both of this candy canes broke. Gee, you think in 35 years time they could come with a less-brittle candy cane…

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