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Checking in

Did a little more shopping (thanks for the Brighton/El Portal tip, marm0t !), and O went off BC/Maine hockey games on Friday and Saturday nights (one win to Maine, one tie). So we went to pick out a Christmas tree at the local Boys and Girls Club, and it was surprisingly picked over. No matter, we still found a good tree — all it needed was a little love. [Cue Vince Guaraldi music here.] I brought down all the Christmas stuff from the attic; we're start to amass quite a collection of it. O also baked gingerbread house pieces for the house-building project today ! And oh yeah, I had to get a new string of lights for the tree because the cheapo $4 strand that failed didn't have replaceable bulbs. So into the trash they went, and I found another cheapo $4 strand at Walgreen's that did have replaceable bulbs. Viva consumption !

And on a completely unrelated note, whatever happened to mysterparrot ? I miss his unique perspective on things.

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