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Winter Peril

  • First, there is the common cold. A few weeks ago, S1 got it, and she was not a happy camper. For last week, and part of this one, I've had a cold where I've been perfectly fine in the day, but stuffy at night. And for some reason, last week, it made me ravenously hungry. And now O has it. S0 has escaped this pox, probably because of his years in day care.
  • Actual winter weather. We here in New England got off pretty lightly last year but already it has snowed three times and it's very cold out there today. If this keeps up, in a month I'll be like that guy in the scene from Fargo where he's scraping the ice off his car and starts venting his frustration on the windshield.
  • Christmas shopping. 'Nuff said !
  • Holiday parties and the near-obligatory eating and drinking that accompanies it.
On the other hand, I hooked up our new outdoor holiday lights, and it's a modest and charming arrangement. Gotta do something to keep the darkness away, lest we all become brooding, suicidal Scandinavians.
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