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Rockin' the Mac and EMS Synthi 100

Here's an unusually informative article on “master of dub electronica” Jack Dangers, a/k/a Mr. Meat Beat Manifesto. After a period of relative apparent inactivity, there's been remix album, the Tino side projects, a solo EP, and a proper MBM album, R.U.O.K., and this piece has links to all of them. Tidbits:
Some of Dangers’ synths are so old, they have battleship-looking boards with pins, rather than cable connectors, to, for instance, trigger certain filter effects combined with a particular sound wave form. So Dangers has to take extensive notes on the knob positions and pin positions that he uses to achieve a certain sound.

In 1986, Dangers was in a band called Perennial Divide, produced by Andy Partridge of XTC. “Andy Partridge is the only true musical genius I’ve ever met,” says Dangers. “Lyrically, he’s incredible. I had so many questions to ask him. He’s such a nice guy, so level. He was very open minded.”

“But my favorite type of music is classical avante garde music from the 50s and 60s. I listen to it every day,” he says. “Finding these old things that were ignored 20-30 years ago, and were written in very primitive situations. Back then you really had to work for your sound.”

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