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Ahh, what a blah, yucky weekend. In some ways, I don't mind that bad weather at all, as it's a great excuse to stay in, wear comfy, snuggly clothes, and play. But, because of work done in the street that covered the storm drain at the base of our driveway (just for the weekend, it's clear today), I was having visions of the predicted heavy rains (which never really came) overflowing the brook and crawling up the driveway to our cellar window. So on Saturday morning I went to Home Depot and sandbagged said window just in case. Still, better safe than sorry, and the new storm drain configuration still really hasn't been tested under heavy rains yet.

On Sunday, we had a nice dim sum brunch, and the car hit the 100,000 mile mark ! That took a little over eight years, although about 10,000 of it was done in a 4 1/2 week stretch in 1997 driving around much of the country.

Note to self: update family pictures site before children grow up, move away.

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