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GY!BE In a new Danny Boyle Movie

Their name does not trip lightly off the tongue: Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It is not intended to. As brooding and complex as their byline implies, Godspeed (for short) are an obscure, neo-classical rock nine-piece from Montreal who operate as a law unto themselves. Reclusive, mysterious and uninterested in traditional notions of success or fame, Godspeed You! Black Emperor don't do many interviews. Until recently, what little press contact they consented to was mostly by email.

An entire mythology has grown up around them as a result. That they're anarchists. That they all live in a squat on a railway line, the Hotel2Tango. That they are dangerous. That they just play music. That they would prefer you didn't buy their records from chain stores, or with credit cards.

Chances are, you won't have heard their work. It totals three and a half albums on a tiny Canadian imprint called Constellation. This could be set to change now, however. Danny Boyle, the director of Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and The Beach, needed a band to score his new post-apocalyptic film 28 Days Later. And so a track by Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'East Hastings', from their first album - appears in the score.

Read more here. [Thanks, MLY.]
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