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Kind of a strange weekend, weather-wise, and the balmy temperatures are carrying over into today. The big accomplishment was getting phase 1 of the raking done, especially since there were so many acorns choking the front lawn. (Man, the squirrels aren't going to like this...) But the oaks probably won't drop their leaves until just before Thanksgiving, so there will be more fun to be had. Ah, I just love raking in the dark.

I also edited the records I digitized into tracks, and burned a CD of all the stuff I have by Christmas on vinyl. Liz Cox had the cutest voice of a naïf back in those days, a big contrast to the siren-esque style she grew into for Combustible Edison. I wonder what's up with those guys now.

On Sunday, we checked out the Children's Discovery Museum in Action, which the kids really enjoyed. And that is that !

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