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Einsturzende Altbauten

Fascinated by decaying buildings ? Here is a review of In Ruins by Christopher Woodward:
Painters, poets, novelists and other mischievous souls have long recognized -- and even admitted -- that there's a certain spooky gratification to be found in contemplating the ruins of someone else's grandiose home, castle or civilization. It's not just edifying; it can be downright inspirational and tangy. The fallen chimney, crumbling walls, toppled Doric columns, headless caryatids, monoliths undermined and tumbled by burrowing worms, cows grazing and weeds growing in spaces where once-important people proclaimed the imperishability of their presumptions -- all these evidences of entropy versus architecture are potently evocative, and the evocations are by no means entirely negative. Ruins, like tragic drama, offer occasions of sweet-and-sour catharsis.
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